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Are you looking for the best steam mop on the market? It can be hard to find the right steam mop with so many to choose from and so many different prices! On this site you’ll find detailed steam mop reviews and a buyers guide to help you get the best steam mop for your home.

I’m Jenny Hayes and I’m here to help you buy the best steam mop to keep your hard floors at home clean and fresh. This website was set up because I’ve been using steam mops for a few years and had used some great ones as well as some not so great ones. I had the idea to create some steam mop reviews to help people find the best steam mop to make sure you get real value for money.

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What is a steam mop and how does it work?

A steam mop is a very unique kind of mop which is actually more like a household appliance than a mop. Steam mops have a small tank that is filled with water and heated up to produce a dry steam. Unlike regular mops where you need to use bleach or floor cleaner to disinfect the floors, steam mops use… you guessed it, steam to make sure your floors are disinfected and clean as a whistle.

Just like regular mops, a steam mop has a washable, reusable mop heads that can be quickly be cleaned ready for next time. Steam mops are especially good when used on hard surface floors although some caution should be taken if you use them on wood floors. I learnt that the hard way!

Three important factors to consider when buying a steam mop

When people ask me what the best steam mop is, it would be easy for me to simply recommend one without finding out what they would use it for. Instead, using these three factors, you can create a wishlist to look for in a steam mop to make sure you buy the best mop possible for your cleaning needs.

  1. What will you be using the steam mop for? It might sound like an obvious question but many people don’t consider what types of surface they will use the mop on. If you intend to use the mop on carpets, then you need a more expensive steam cleaner rather than a steam mop. The best steam mop for wood floors might be different to the mop that would be best for tiled flooring. Once you know what the intended use it, you can pick the perfect mop.
  2. How long will you need to use the mop for? If you have a large surface area you need to mop, then some of the lower end steam mops don’t have the capacity and will need to be refilled. The higher end mops, on the other hand, can last for up to 30 minutes and should be enough to cover the largest of floors.
  3. What is your budget? With larger tanks, faster heating up times and quicker cool down times, the more advanced offerings in the steam mop can carry a hefty price tag. Luckily, the best value steam mops are easy to find, with online sites like Amazon allowing a savvy shopper to sort by price and/or reviews. Also, it pays to think long-term as well. Cheap steam mops are like cheap anything – they break quite easily. Spending a little more could get you a steam mop that lasts for many years.

My personal recommendations for the best steam mop

I’ve written a lot of steam mop reviews and I always get asked the same question. What is the best steam mop on the market? What should I buy? Well, after getting the same questions and emails over and over again I’ve decided to put up my personal recommendations for the top steam mops you can buy.

The steam mops listed below performed superbly during the time I used them (yes, I have owned and used each of these mops) and I feel they have the most versatility: they can be used on multiple surfaces with different settings to ensure you get a safe clean. They are excellent value for money and will last you for a very long time.

So, without further ado, here is my list of the best steam mops on the market right now.

The Best Steam Mop – My #1 Recommendation

H20 Mop X5

H20 Mop X5. This is quite possibly the most versatile steam mop I’ve ever used! It’s called the X5 because it is a 5 in 1 cleaner. It’s a floor steamer, carpet steamer, window steamer, clothing and upholstery cleaner and it converts into a handheld steamer as well.

It is very easy to assemble this steamer and of all the steam mops I have tested, it’s cleaning power is right up there with the best of them. I have a laminate bathroom floor that just would not budge with a conventional mop and most steam mops I used also struggled with the stains and blackened grout. The H20 Mop X5 did a phenomenal job and lifted up the dirt, leaving my bathroom floor sparkling and sanitized in a very short time.

What I especially like about the X5 is that it works as a carpet steamer too. Most steam mop manufacturers do not recommend you to use their products on carpets. With the X5, you can use that same steam cleaning power to give your carpet a freshness and clean that it’s never seen before.

Also, the H20 Mop X5 uses a special microfibre floor cloth to enhance absorbency and pick up any wet spots of water that can sometimes be left by some steam mops.

All in all, the X5 is an excellent mop and is well worth a look. I would strongly recommend this mop if you have carpets you’d like to clean, or if you would have a use for steaming clothes or using it as a handheld steamer for hard to reach areas. Personally, I didn’t have a use for these features, and that is why I made this my number two recommendation.

When you consider the 5-in-1 settings, it becomes very affordable and for many of the people I’ve recommended it to, the X5 is a “must have” household appliance. This mop ticks all areas and is definitely my top recommendation.

#2 Also Recommended Steam Mop

Black and Decker FSM1600 Steam Mop

Black & Decker FSM1600 Steam Mop. This is the perfect steam mop for me for a number of reasons. There are more expensive mops but this steam mop actually has superior features than almost all of them.

I love the fact that this mop has a run time of 22-40 minutes depending on the setting. Some of the mops I tested struggle to last even 10 minutes. When you have a young child and two cats like I do, this simply isn’t enough time to get a quality clean.

It also heats up much quicker than almost all the other steam mops I tested. In 10-15 seconds the mop is ready to use. Other models take 30 seconds to a minute before they are ready to use. It’s not a massive amount of time to wait, but when the Black and Decker is so affordable, why wait longer than you have to?

Also, unlike standard mops where the floor takes forever to dry, with the Black & Decker the floor is cleaned, disinfected and dried in a matter of seconds. No more trying to tip toe across the kitchen floor after you’ve mopped up!

Finally, I like the swivel head that allows you to steam corners and hard to reach places. Some steam mops I tested had a fixed head like those found in old vacuum cleaners and they just aren’t as good at getting into tricky areas.

Price alert: Currently is offering free shipping and a very nice 21% discount for the Black and Decker FSM1600 Steam Mop. This is £16.50 off the full retail price (which is what I paid for the mop) so be sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

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Most Affordable Steam Mop

Vax S2 Hard Floor Master Upright Steam Stick

If neither the Black & Decker Steam Mop or the H20 Mop X5 fall within your price range, then you might be better off with a cheaper steam mop. Typically, these lower priced mops are aimed towards people who don’t have much mopping to do but would like a steam mop to make it a bit easier.

If you don’t spend a huge amount of time mopping floors, or if you don’t have many hard floor surfaces, then I have reviewed a number of lower priced mops to find a good one to recommend.

The most affordable steam mop I tested (and by affordable, I mean well priced and good quality) was the Vax S2 Hard Floor Master Upright Steam Stick.

I found this mop to be extremely easy to use and very robust. I have a lot of mopping to do in my house and I could see this steam mop lasting a long time because it is very well put together.

Like the other mops it is very versatile and offers a number of cleaning options, from hard floors to carpet. It has a large tank too and gives you 20 minutes cleaning time.

Similar to the Black & Decker, it heats up very quickly (around 5 seconds) and is lightweight enough that it isn’t a struggle to mop floors.

Finally, the cost is very reasonable and this mop is ideal for “casual” moppers who want all the benefits of a steam mop without the more expensive prices of the mops used by people who use them more often.

Price alert: Currently is offering free shipping and a HUGE 38% discount on the Vax S2 Steam Mop. This is £30 off the full retail price so it’s obvious why I recommend it as my “Most Affordable” mop.

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Still Looking for Steam Mop Reviews?

My recommendations above should be all you need to find the best steam mop for your needs but if you still aren’t sure, you can read all my steam mop reviews instead.

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All in all, I hope this website helps you to find the best steam mop possible for your needs. Feel free to recommend this site to your friends or Like it on Facebook if it helped you out!